12volt power, solar & gas

My basic power system is a 120W portable solar panel which I put out each day revolving the batteries as we need them.  At this stage I only have three deep cycle batteries.  I use one for my laptop/phone/music, one for the shower 12v pump while the third is out charging.  IMAG1744.jpgOne battery will allow me to run & charge my laptop or play music and charge my phone.  I then wired up a multi-socket 12volt cigarette lighter to the battery and run a small 150W inverter from that which I can plug my laptop, phone etc.. into.  I also transfer this little system to the car when I’m driving as another alternative to charging. My cooking and refrigeration are gas, I’m currently using a basic two burner gas cooker hooked up to small 3kg gas bottle and a large fridge/freezer running off a large 8.5kg gas bottle.  This is just temporarily until I build my kitchen then I’ll be able to have them fitted properly into place with two large 45kg gas cylinders which will last me ALOT longer !!IMAG1747 (2).jpg The fridge I bought new but I also bought a second hand full gas oven for $40 which will be hooked up once the kitchen is in also. We seem to be surviving fine with just the two burner at this stage, cooking in an oven will have to wait – what a joy that will be baking a cake, roasting and grilling.  As you can see in this picture above of our kitchen we have our oven, fridge, pantry, two burner cooker, bucket for washing up and water which we fill up in these 20litre containers.  At this stage I have no great plans for a large solar system, as time goes on it will grow with us.  The only other appliance I would like is a washing machine, although it may be just simpler to run it off the generator once a week – my only concern would be water usage.  At this stage I take my washing to a commercial washing laundry, it costs me $8.00 for two large loads (per week) which I bring home & dry, this works well for us at the moment & seems very economical.  Lighting at night is purely candlelight and headtorches, we may get 12v lights later on if needed but at this stage we all love the candlelight each night, its very soothing !!

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