cob fire bath, casement windows & bottle walls

This month after our shower pump broke I was motivated to get the fire bath cobbed in, 15416899_1799088067025175_1709591948_n.jpgwow what a luxury !! And in time for the November full supermoon, amazing … fairy lights, candles … just magic !! I was also able to practice cob sculpture & earthern plasters for finishing, 15226551_1794149954185653_2011519807_n (1).jpgall good experiences for when I finish the cob house.  15416902_1799089283691720_1954847012_n.jpgJerome made the girls two different swinging baskets made from wait-a-while (an excellent use for this plant which grows vigorously through the rainforest strangling native trees).  We also had a few working bees cobbing in the casement window frames I’d made from timber offcuts from the dump for the silky oak windows to go in later, 15228052_1794149967518985_263318801_n-1lots of fun & so much learning !! On a weekly basis here I’m tackling things I’ve never had experience with before so its certainly been empowering learning lots of new skills !!  After a call out for a glass cutter, a friend leant me his wet tile cutter for the weekend and with the help of 15226507_1794149770852338_429495139_n-1some more awesome friends we cut through two boxes of coloured bottles to go in the walls, end on end.  15327713_1799087737025208_1719748541_n.jpgThen the creativity started emerging as I could experiment with glass bottles and sculpture, so much fun !!  My girls started volunteering at Betty’s house, she is a Wildlife Carer locally here so every week they get to help look after baby wallabies, kangaroos, birds, bats, possums, poultry, dogs, cats etc… What an incredible experience for us all inspiring an even greater respect for all living things.