snake wrangling, scorpians & help arrives !!

After loosing Fluff the cat and taking into account the regular visits from wild dogs and dingos, we decided to get a puppy (Ridgeback Cross Mastiff) called Safari.
He is the most 14610781_1768528263414489_277683317_n.jpggorgeous dog, full of love and trouble.  He has been such a beautiful addition to our family !!

A few weeks ago my friend 14543536_1768526333414682_97364620_nAmy & her partner Jerome moved into the camper van to help me on the property.
In the first week they’d organised where additional edible gardens were going, 14593487_1768602550073727_1503287972_n.jpgstarted two 28 day compost piles, fixed the wiring & battery on my shower and set up a camp for themselves.  I feel blessed to have
two such beautiful caring souls here helping !!  They also brought face paints and hula hoops back into o14585553_1768526456748003_1941694242_n.jpgur lives.14568931_1768531613414154_565079729_n.jpg

We had a bit of an adventure with a couple of night tiger snakes (brown tree snakes) which kept coming around the van.  One we managed to catch & relocate, another one we gently moved off right back into the bush. I also had another run in with a scorpian, 14331699_1757364357864213_1251179970_nit didn’t bite me this time, just hiding in the washing & gave me a fright !!

One Sunday when Jade & I were couch-bound with gastro, Maia got out with battery drill and starting making her own cubby house using timber from the old 14331678_1757364407864208_377697472_n.jpgchicken coup and whatever she could find lying around, love my girls !!  14625454_1768523110081671_1485140306_n.jpgMaia turned ten in August and we took a trip out on the Kuranda Riverboat with her georgeous friends from school, looking for wildlife in and along the river – no freshwater crocodiles to be seen though (probably for the best).

I also managed to get two trailer loads of River of Gold Slate (beautiful colours) from Ravenshoe for my floors, hopefully this will do the entire space – can’t wait to have flooring !!  14580608_1768529036747745_163141438_n.jpg

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