glass bottle walls, windows & markets…

My sister came up from Melbourne for a spontaneous trip & we had a ball !! cobbing and tripping around Cairns & Cape Tribulation and lying on the beach at Fitzroy Island, bliss !! 14593174_1768527646747884_699825179_n.jpgNice bit of time off !!  14627859_1768525593414756_295921312_n.jpg

After a lot of trialing cutting glass bottles for the walls with meth covered string & lighting it up to cut 14593657_1768526266748022_2146175799_n.jpgthe glass (which the girls loved), we found a great little machine that scores the glass then you pour boiling water over it and it cuts it beautifully !!!14593589_1768531126747536_1815637661_n.jpg

We also installed our first windows, I used large panes of glass from Bunnings (12 mm pool fence) – one square and one round window – a team effort to get 14348846_1757366044530711_1249790290_n.jpgthem up into place, very heavy !!
We had a 14331523_1757365661197416_1578631770_n.jpgvery successful one day working bee with about 10 people turning up, made heaps of progress while drinking sangria and listening to good tunes with yummy fresh food from the garden !!  14607905_1768530873414228_1933910109_n.jpg

Had my first stall at the local markets to sell my screenprinted designs (PASIFIKA) – tropical fruits & designs
handprinted onto tshirts, tights and calico market bags : soursop, jakfruit, taro, coconut, durian as well kids designs gecko, crocodile, etc. I 14627712_1768527693414546_865384351_n-1also took an assortment of 14580607_1768602023407113_1797476540_n.jpgedible plants to sell – different tropical spinach, herbs, lemongrass, passionfruit etc.. Maia also made beautiful earings with unusual beads and guinea fowl feathers, so proud !!

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