winter in the tropics …

Getting a bit cooler now so we are having fires every night and have zipped up the tent windows, yep serious stuff winter in the tropics.orca_share_media1468816754683.jpeg

Got my 20,000 litre water tank plumbed up finally, hooray – I now have guttering along the back of my roof collecting rain water, divine !!

Thanks to some unexpected help from very good friends this month I got additional side projects completed :orca_share_media1468816756604.jpeg

Don, Elanor & Ned set me up with extra solar, connected to two deep cycle batteries, I’m learning a lot more about 12volt wiring which is a necessity here offgrid !! I also had another friend Nick come and stay, he worked hard to help me finish the rock walls, make a wicked swinging bed and make a sink out of an old plastic table and sink we picked up free from the roadside.  I now have a SINK, wow, which I’ve plumbed out into a banana and taro planter box, collecting the sink greywater.orca_share_media1468816756142.jpeg  I was also given some casement windows and roofing iron from a girlfriend cleaning out her yard. orca_share_media1468816758978.jpeg So used the iron to make temporary walls three sides of the outdoor shower to provide some privacy, thankyou to Nat !! 14627694_1768530540080928_1685655913_n I also had random, “I’m just going to drop in and help today” friends, thankyou Priscilla & Marty for helping with rock walls and taking me to lunch !!

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