rock foundations, cob courses & visitors

I finally got the drains finished with ag pipe and rock, levelled off to run away from the house and then watched with a big rain as it worked, hooray !!IMAG2344.jpg  Had a successful working bee to start the rock foundations for the IMAG2437cob walls with a great bunch of friends helping, cooking, playing music – such a treat and fun, yep that’s how you build a house !!
So after the rock went into the drain, we tampered it down and started laying the rock mortared in with concrete. My mum who is 82 years old from New Zealand and my sister from Melbourne arrived last weekIMAG2393 and have been helping with the rock foundation also, bless their enthusiasm and awesome support !! On our way back home one night late we had a little pademelon run out under the car, we stopped and picked it up as it was still alive but bleeding from the mouth, didn’t look promising so the girls and I took it home and nursed it.  received_10154223441382236At least I thought so its last dying hours weren’t on the side of the road and within hours it had pulled itself together and hopped away, incredible to watch the recovery, and relieved !! IMAG2418 I also finally got the pad finished for my huge 20,000litre water tank and because the truck couldn’t get down my driveway, Ron brought it in with his backhoe, hooray. IMAG2331.jpg The plumber came in through the week and we discussed different guttering profiles, he said that the whole tank will fill in one night of our tropical rain, incredible !!! Christian Cluever (Grow Your Own Home) and I have decided to run an introductory Cob Building Course next weekend, he is the man who initially taught me cob building two years ago. So this week I will be preparing for it, getting as much rock wall foundation done so we can start mixing cob on Saturday – finally the cobbing begins !!  I am soo excited to be hosting a cob building workshop, yah !!!


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