drains, dingo’s & scorpians

We had a few packs of wild dogs come in & take our chickens & guinea pigs a few weeks back and I could see their tracks around our house in the mud regularly.IMAG2207.jpg
Recently we have just had one dingo who cruises around dawn and dusk looking for small meals (our pets).IMAG2233.jpg They are all well caged now …. or already eaten !!! And we are getting used to its visits, it seems more scared of us !! The weather is getting alot cooler here and we are getting more rain so I invested in a fire pit for inside, nice little compact portable one from Bunnings to keep us warm & entertained, awesome !! AND more importantly, it keeps my pyromaniac children happy – lighting it, stoking it, burning stuff …..hours of fun !!IMAG2176.jpg

I’ve had a mini excavator here digging three 400×400 drains at the dripline of the house, then lined them with shade cloth (from the dump, cheap) and ag pipe (also from the dump) then filled with drainage rock.  I then did the same for under the cob walls, nothing like an excavator in your living room !!! And I’ve been left with a large pile of beautiful clay for my cob walls, bless !! At each stage the girls think I’ve specifically built amazing play areas for them to climb, slide, tIMAG2110.jpgobogaan down, childrens imagination is awesome !!!  While laying the ag pipe in the drains I was bitten on the hand by a scorpian, incredibly painful but I realised later, not fatal, I was going to survive he he …. It was a brown mottled scorpian about 3cm with tail curled up, I tried to catch him in a jar to show the girls but he got away !!  We’ve also got a few more leeches around with the rain … we’re slowly getting used to all the interesting creatures that live here with us !!

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