let the building begin …

My goal here was to build an off-grid cob home, but we were right on the doorstep of the tropical wet season so I was running out of time.  I decided to get a builder in to build a basic structure, roof and poles from the land. IMAG1513.jpg We choose some nice Cadaghi & Hickory trees, well known for their natural termite resistance & hardwood durability.  Eight huge poles went in the ground and a basic roof of iron with insulation under. IMAG1534.jpg This meant I could have a roof reasonably quickly and then rock/cob wall around the structure while we camped. IMAG1578.jpg I put down a very basic crusher dust floor watered in with a bit of cement mix & whacker packed down.  So here we set up our 2 brm tent with sleeping in the front, storage at the back AND finally a roof over our heads, BLISS !!!  I’ve been so lucky, we haven’t had much of a wet season this year, which makes living the way we do so much easier !!  IMAG1662 (2)IMAG1660 (2)




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