snakes, goanna’s, wild dogs, bats & bugs

 In the beginning our pets started to multiple – guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, fluff the cat and buddy the cockatiel …. then the predators came – 1451806506808 - Copy - Copy (2)we had large pythons warming themselves in the engine of my car and happily settling into our camp in the middle of the night, goanna’s (which took our free-ranging duck in the middle of the day while we were here), wild dogs (took chickens & guinea pigs) …..IMAG1124.jpg and although incredibly upsetting we have learnt to make peace with all these beautiful creatures who were here before us, this is their territory so we’ve learning to co-exist (and cage our pets a lot better !!!).  The wild dogs are probably the worst predator here because they are relentless & strong, they’ve bent wire caging & demolished our chicken coup because they were hungry …. such sad forgotten animals, I felt sorry for the fact they’d been pets at some stage and were left to survive the best way they could.  We are learning to build better cages and keep our pets closer to the house to prevent these attacks again.  cropped-imag1161_burst002_cover.jpgThe 3 & 4m pythons were harmless, just keeping warm and safe, luckily our young neighbour is a keen snake rangler and was more than happy to come and catch them and relocate them elsewhere.  In this experience we got to handle them ourselves and make peace with them, they are incredibly beautiful animals !!  I am not so sure now that relocating is the answer either because as soon as you remove them then another will take its place.  Fortunately since being under ouIMAG1557 (2).jpgr light airy new ROOF space we haven’t experienced the big pythons like when we were under the dark tarp.  The new roof space has brought in big bugs banging up on the insulation which then brings the micro-bats to feed, sometimes you feel them swooping over your head in the evening.  We get big golden orb spiders and alot of other large Huntsman type spiders, geckos, skinks, Hairy Mary caterpillars, huge centipedes,  huge biting ants and a incredible assortment of fascinating bugs in all sizes and colours as well as lots of gorgeous Ulysses & Cairns Birdwing Butterflies which flutter around us inside as well as outside !!

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