harvesting water & outdoor shower

Initially I purchased a second hand water tank sitting idle in a friends backyard, it was only 5,000 litre which is good to start off and easy to move on a trailer.  I got water delivered (only $80 for half a tank, not bad) to start us off and as we  progressed I got additional 1451515481382.jpgtarps collecting water as well as collecting water off the shower/bath outlet pipe and all dishwashing water.  This water went to water gardens mainly or washing the odd bit of clothing.  The largest catchment was from our main large tarp which I set up to feed into a 1,000 litre IBC tank, this filled in one night in our torrential rain here ! With the heavy rain we have had, it started flowly quite rapidly through our tent so we set up small drains around the dripside of the tarps to carry water away.  It was good at this stage to be aware of how the water was running off the property, especially around where we would build our house. IMAG0970 - Copy (2) The outdoor shower over bath is an instant gas hot water system (they are only a few hundred dollars online) which I attach to a BBQ gas bottle, inline switch & small 12v water pump which runs off a deep cycle battery.  I only charge this every few months, its very economical and is all hooked up to the tree. It’s a beautiful experience showering on clear starry nights or when the moon is full and the firefly’s are flittering around, MAGIC !! I have now purchased a 20,000 litre water tank, have levelled the pad behind the house and just waiting for some dry weather so the backhoe can bring the water tank in down my rugged driveway.  This should be high enough to provide gravity fed water back into the house without the need for a powered pump.

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