compost toilet, generator & power tools

One of the first purchases before I even bought the land was an invertor/generator, good for sensitive equipment like laptops & mobile phones as well as being able to run power tools, cement mixer etc.. 1451806539322.jpg IMAG1063 (2).jpgI knew from previous experience I wasn’t good at the pull start option so invested in a key start, I start it off my deep cycle battery, easy easy !!  I don’t want to use this to power my home but more as backup for charging batteries, running power tools etc…  I had a very good friend visit who luckily showed me how to do a basic oil change & spark plug change on my generator – it was alot simpler than I thoIMAG1918.jpgught ! I also purchased an electric second hand cement mixer which is always handy doing a project like this and runs well all day off the generator. IMAG1069 My good friend also helped me purchase a chainsaw & he taught me how to use it ! – something I never thought I would do as they scared the living daylights out of me.  But I did and it came in handy cutting up all the fallen wood for my nightly fires.  Then I made a compost toilet (thunder box!) with a little old jigsaw, out of ply & a good new timber toilet seat with plastic bucket.  We still use this as our main toilet, adding dry leaves every visit.

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