off-grid cob home

This blog is my account of building a home, not just any home but an off-grid cob home as a single mum with two young girls.  We have purchased five acres of rainforest, put in a driveway and set up camp.  This blog follows the ups and downs, lessons learnt, wildlife we’ve come in contact with, as well as valuable information for others wishing to do the same.  I’ll be writing about 12volt systems, solar, composting toilets, self sufficiency, permaculture, building with cob which is a clay/sand/straw mixture as well as rock and timber from my own property, rain harvesting/gravity fed water, camping, edible gardens, health and much more … I welcome any feedback and questions, I am running my laptop off solar so don’t always have power in my batteries available – if you don’t hear from me that is the reason why.  We have chosen to go back to this very simple way of life which is incredibly rewarding and nuturing for the soul …and such a grand adventure !!!

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